October 2021
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What will assessment look like with the new National Curriculum for history?

Now that level descriptions have been abolished what will take their place? We are all pleased to see the back of the 8 levels and their ludicrously tendentious sub-level cousins. But finding a replacement now seems to be job of individual schools. Can that be right? We are teachers and have a good understanding of progression in history but how many of us would be arrogant and misguided enough to say that the system we have devised must be better than all others out there, Surely there is a role for some body or organisation to be given the time to invest their energy and expertise in coming up with a superior model that would help schools. We can all see how ‘deciles’ work common national tests for Maths and English (with sampling in Science) but how will it work in history when the statutory content is simply a short list of content headings , followed by lengthier but non-statutory list of exemplification. Given that we must have a system in place by the end of 2015-16 Gove needs to start supporting schools now rather than simply leaving them with the problem and OFSTED then judging whether their chosen system is up t the job. What a way to run and education system!