January 2022
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Keeping it local: Looking for significant local people for KS1 history

Looking for local people to cover the KS1 NC for history in 2014

Finding names of significant local people locally may well prove more of a challenge than the designers of the Ks1 NC for history first thought. It is not, of course, identifying them. That is the easy bit. Any Google search will reveal them. [...]

Simple sequencing sets in KS1 history

This is a simple call to action for all of you teaching famous people and famous events in KS1 history. What I’m advocating is more use of sequencing activities especially sequencing cards with no dates, clear pictures and minimal text. Pupils should be encouraged , as soon as they have heard a story told to [...]

New KS2 history diagnostic assessment task on Mayan society

Those of you who have been using the highly popular KS2 history assessment diagnostic tasks will be pleased to hear that a new addition to the collection is just being released in drfat form and is being trialled in schools.Pupils are given a coloured A4 sheet with three carefully chosen images showing features of Mayan [...]

Loving lampoon of Gove as General Meerkat

Ann Treneman’s Times article was one of the funnier contributions to the discussion of Gove’s ridiculous comments about the origins of the First World War. He is turning the whole debate about the national Curriculum into a charade. One Tory stood up in the commons and demanded that the war of 1812 be included in [...]

What will primary history look like in 2 years time?

As fuller details of the leaked Rose review reach the press so we can get a clearer view of what Mark IV of NC history will look like. According to the TES pupils must study “characteristic features of and changes within two key periods of history”. Immigration has been put into historical context, apparently, as [...]

Primary history and the Rose review

Interim report of the Rose review

Having waited eagerly for Sir Jim Rose’s review’s I was left slightly disappointed with his findings. Obviously this is just an interim paper and much hard work still needs to be done. Even Jim himself confessed that more work had been put into some areas than others and that the curriculum section certainly needs far more intensive work before it is in a fit state for the final report in the late [...]