January 2022
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The nonsense of Gove's curriculum plans

It took Michael Rosen’s recent article in the Guardian to summarise as pithily as anyone the complete nonsense of Gove’s curriculum plans.

So central government is going to lay down a compulsory curriculum for the schools that it’s trying to turn into schools where the curriculum won’t apply – academies, free schools and indeed any other [...]

Gove plans for more local history

Hope you all picked up on this item- another classic example of Gove making it up as he goes along.
English Heritage will receive £2.7m over three years from the Department for Education to use heritage sites to bring history alive in a bid to inspire children to learn about their local area.
As part of the [...]

New diplomas for Humanities and Social Sciences 14-19

Writing about web pageThe Lines of Learning for the new Humanities and Social Sciences Diploma have now been published. They build upon detailed research and consultation with schools, FE, HE and employers.Comments from HE on the Humanties and Social Sciences diploma have been more positive than on many others but , as always the [...]

Greatest Britons

Its that time of year again- St George’s Day to be precise. In its attempt to lift the hearts of the nation after the budget the Sun newspaper has produced a full colour Sgt.Pepper’s album cover parade of those people it feels need saluting. As you might expect there are some sublimely ludicrous inclusions and [...]

What\'s a Physics? or Thank god you\'re not a science teacher!

According to the Daily  Mash, always worth a look and a laugh, http://www.thedailymash.co.uk/concerns have been raised over the standard of science teaching after it emerged thousands of GCSE pupils could not tell the difference between a microscope and a frog. On a more serious, but equally depressing, note the Times reports that the recent [...]

Magna Carta, the 1689 Bill of Rights, and jack Straw

There’s nothing like writing your place in history! Today Jack Staw spoke of his new British Bill of Rights which he claimed, would have an impact similar to that of Magna Carta and the 1689 Bill of Rights. Not bad for someone recently described by the British Ambassador to the US as an intellectual pygmy! [...]

Historical knowledge of government ministers

I’m not sure how many of you witnessed the excrutiating performance of the HE minister David Lammy on Celebrity Mastermind recently. I tend not to watch, but guests staying over couldn’t wait to see my reaction when we looked at the episode on IPlayer later in the evening. As if it wasn’t bad enough that [...]