January 2022
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AS history results show slight decline

AS history results also fall from 43.3 (A-B last year) to 42.4 this. The gap between boys and girls widens 2 percentage points for this grade range with boys now achieving41.2 % A-B whilst girls now achieve 45.1%. The entry has remained fairly stable at about 5.8%. I guess this will change significantly in the [...]

2015 A and AS level history results published today

Although over 3,700 more students took A level history results this year are slightly down on last year’s. A*  are down from 6.3 to 6.1 and A*-B are down from 56.3 to 55.6. The gap between the achievement of boys and girls the the higher grades continues to widen from 6.2 to 6.5 in the [...]

Teaching A level and AS history: using examiners' reports

We often glance at Chief Examiners reports quite a while after the dust of last year’s results has settled. I am advocating a more pro-active use. What is it that examiners tell us candidates find difficulty with when it comes to exams.I’m not talking about question-answering technique or time management: what I’m going to focus [...]

New A level history schemes of work for 2016

As we approach the start of the new AS and level history courses in September, I thought I would see what I could do to support post-16 teachers with their schemes of work. I have taken two approaches: one to look at it from the teachers’ point of view; the other maps the students’ [...]

Something rotten in the land of OCR A level history F988

It’s that time of year again when you wonder how on earth it can be that students across the land do far better on some A level history papers than others, often taught by the same teacher or the same experienced team. Yes, we can have the odd underperformance but when we hear of 3 [...]

When will new A level history be launched?

Ofqual, as you know, is planning a phased introduction of new A level ccourses with some, in the first tranche, being introduced as early as September 2014. Others will follow between 2015-and 2018. It is highly likely that history will be considered for the first tranche. Already this has set the cat amongst the pigeons. [...]

which university history departments’ graduates find a permanent job within 6 months of getting their degree?

Below are the success rates for history departments in terms of the percentage of their history graduates finding employment within 6 months of graduating.,,for what its worth!
78% LSE
75% Durham
74% UCL
73% Lancaster
72% Cambridge
71% Nottingham
69% Oxford & Bristol
68% Leeds 6
5% St. Andrews, Warwick, Exeter & Newcastle
64% York & SOAS

Progression from GCSE to A level history

Do you know what the likelihood of getting an A grade in A level history if you started the course with a B in GCSE history? Well the National Pupil Database has recently been released which gives you the data you need. The answer is that just 6% do. The chances of them getting an [...]

GCSE and A level history disappearing in some parts of the country

The figures in a report published today, produced by Chris Skidmore, a Conservative MP on the Commons All-Party Group on History suggest that pupils in areas like Knowsley are 46 times less likely to gain A-level history than more affluent places like Cambridge, where 665 out of 6,038 candidates sat the exam, 557 of whom [...]

A2 and AS history assessment objectives; tail wagging the dog or strangling the subject?

I seem to have spent much of my recent professional life railing against the foreshadowing effect of meeting spuriously precise assessment objectives, rather than deepening understanding for its own sake. Don’t just take my word for it. Ella Raff a student from a school in Oxford brilliantly articulates the futility of much that HAS to [...]