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About Keystage History

About Keystage history (www.Keystagehistory.co.uk)

Keystage history was established by Neil Thompson in 2006 as a one-stop website for teachers of history looking to improve the learning experience for all their pupils. Neil’s 12 years’ of history teaching and 18 years of advising primary and secondary schools had shown him that there were two pressing  needs that existed for history teachers, at all levels. The first was simply to have just one place where you could immediately and reliably find high quality learning resources on all relevant history topics. The second need was for a source of advice on leading and teaching history that was both comprehensive and authoritative and covered the age group 5-16.

So Keystage History was created as a carefully organised, cutting-edge, source of advice.  KSH is about professional development not quick fixes. You can see from the photographs of children at work, and from the lesson write-ups from a wide variety of teachers, that this site has been created by someone who spends his working life in history classrooms. Neil is simply passing to you the fruits of his professional experience and the very best History he has seen in over 2,000 ‘lessons’.

About Neil Thompson

Neil started writing this site in 2007 having spent 18 years as county inspector adviser for history in Hampshire. During this time Neil transformed the quality of teaching in Hampshire giving it a national reputation for excellence. Part of this success was due to Neil’s determination to support teachers at both primary and secondary level with practical support in the form of teaching and learning packs. To this end he set up one of the few History centres that now exist, providing all schools with high quality learning materials that made teachers lives so much easier and more fulfilling.

Neil also carried out over 50 OFSTED national inspections giving him an incredibly broad view of history teaching across the country. As the reputation of his work spread, Neil was asked to work as a consultant for the then QCA and wrote one of the DCSF’s training modules for the National Secondary Strategy. Recently he has written Teachers Resource Books for the new GCSE  courses as well as primary history material for the BBC.

Before coming in to advisory work Neil ran two history departments, headed up a humanities faculty and worked on a Senior Leadership Team. In his current capacity as a freelance history consultant, he continues to work with teachers, on behalf of pupils, all over the country. He runs numerous history CPD courses at both primary and secondary level and is in regular contact with secondary ASTs and primary leading history teachers. In this way he keeps in close contact with the very best practice.

If you would like to read what headteachers have said about Neil’s INSET provision and school improvement work, visit the site www.Keystagehistory.co.uk)