August 2015
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Short KS3 history diagnostic assessments

I will be shortly publishing a detailed paper on high-quality KS  assessment in history drawing on recent publications and some trialling I am currently doing. You won’t be surprised to learn that I am advocating a mixed economy of short reasoned answers in respoinse to historical stimulus at the one end through to extended pupil enquries and essays at the other. here I want to focus on short diagnostic tasks that last 15 minutes can be marked in class with pupils using a detailed markscheme with scope for pupils to coach each other to improve their first answer on the spot. You will have found a number of these tasks already on the site, ones I trialled very successfully in 30 Hampshire schools.

I now want to extend the range of tasks on offer and to include some that could be used in KS4 too. The new additions , to be uploaded in September cover the following topics:

a. Civil Rights in the USA- focus on lunching and desegregation

b. Empire- early 17C settlement in America

c. Industrial revolution- changes in transport – a tasks that tests understanding of both change and continuity as well as evidential understanding.

Each has a simple task and a detailed levels of response markscheme ranging from low through to highest standard expected. The joy is that there is also one column on the markscheme for what the pupils might say which even the lowest attaining pupils can use themselves when self or peer marking.

If you are interested in viewing or trialling these I am happy to make them available in draft form. otherwise, look out for them in Recently Added section in the coming weeks.


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