August 2015
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Short KS3 history diagnostic assessments

I will be shortly publishing a detailed paper on high-quality KS  assessment in history drawing on recent publications and some trialling I am currently doing. You won’t be surprised to learn that I am advocating a mixed economy of short reasoned answers in respoinse to historical stimulus at the one end through to extended pupil [...]

History GCSE results 2015

This year’s results show a rise in A*-C from 68.1 % last year to 69.1% this, but the proportion gaining A* fell.  from 10% to 9.6%. The gap between the boys’ performance at A* (7%) and girl s’ 12% had widened. Oddly the number of entries fell by 9,000.

Somehow the government are claiming that poorer [...]

AS history results show slight decline

AS history results also fall from 43.3 (A-B last year) to 42.4 this. The gap between boys and girls widens 2 percentage points for this grade range with boys now achieving41.2 % A-B whilst girls now achieve 45.1%. The entry has remained fairly stable at about 5.8%. I guess this will change significantly in the [...]

2015 A and AS level history results published today

Although over 3,700 more students took A level history results this year are slightly down on last year’s. A*  are down from 6.3 to 6.1 and A*-B are down from 56.3 to 55.6. The gap between the achievement of boys and girls the the higher grades continues to widen from 6.2 to 6.5 in the [...]

Will history GCSE results drop this summer?

OFQUAL has warned that tough new GCSEs in history and English literature will hit pupils’ grades this summer.

In a letter to the exam boards, Ofqual said work to “strengthen” the qualifications could lead to “more variation in individual schools’ results”.

The number of teenagers gaining top grades in the subjects could drop when results are published [...]

New GCSE Crime and Punishment Edexcel : Do we really have to teach Jack the Ripper?

Crime and Punishment Edexcel : Do we really have to teach Jack the Ripper?


Many centres are keen to teach Crime and Punishment for the new GCSE. Some are less keen on Edexcel’s option. As one contributor to a recent History Forum wrote recently,

The thing that puts me off teaching Edexcel Crime is the way it’s [...]