July 2015
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Significant people in KS1 history for the 2014 history curriculum

Looking back over the first year of the new National Curriculum, the one area I have noticed some welcome change in practice is in the area of teaching about significant people. Now, enjoined to teach people linked by theme, there is much more coherence to the KS1 history curriculum. Instead of pot luck, we now have interesting examples of people in history who have made a significant contribution in key areas of modern life.

My three favourites at the moment, and ones for which we are producing fully-worked planners and outstanding lessons are:

1. Exploring our world and beyond : Columbus and Scott of the Antarctic linked to Moon landing

2.Passing on the word Caxton  and Bell through to Baird and Berners -Lee ( the latter 2 very briefly indeed)

3. Taking to the sky: Wright Brothers and Amy Johnson linked to Moon Landing.

4. Rescue at sea: Grace Darling and Sinking of the Titanic


What they have in common is a broader chronological span than you get when comparing , say, Florence Nightingale with Mary Seacole. They also have considerable action and opportunities for role play et c that you don’t get with the government’s earlier suggestions of saints painters and writes. Nothing wrong with telling their story but very hard to develop activities that demonstrably deepen pupils’ historical understanding.

So,watch out in the recently added section for new additions in this area, or request sample materials based on the planners that subscribers can now find in the  KS1 Medium-term planning section.

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