July 2015
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New KS2 history diagnostic assessment task on Mayan society

Those of you who have been using the highly popular KS2 history assessment diagnostic tasks will be pleased to hear that a new addition to the collection is just being released in drfat form and is being trialled in schools.Pupils are given a coloured A4 sheet with three carefully chosen images showing features of Mayan [...]

GCSE history warfare - handguns at battle of Barnet

On that famous foggy day in April 1471 Edward IV routed a thousand Lancastrians including the Earl of Warwick ‘the Kingmaker’. As with many Wars of the Roses sites, the precise place where the battle took place is hotly disputed. The answer may lie in the debris.According to archaeologist Bruce Watson ” This is the [...]

New GCSE history study of the historic environment component from 2016

New GCSE history study of the historic environment component
Assessing students’ understanding of the historic environment in the new GCSE history courses from 2016

As we await the verdict of OFQUAL on the draft submissions for the new 2016 GCSE history courses, one of the more interesting outcomes will be those relating to the different ways the [...]

New A level history schemes of work for 2016

As we approach the start of the new AS and level history courses in September, I thought I would see what I could do to support post-16 teachers with their schemes of work. I have taken two approaches: one to look at it from the teachers’ point of view; the other maps the students’ [...]

New GCSE history sample assessment material

As we await OFQUAL’s validation of the draft specifications, I thought I’d drill into the sample assessment materials to see whether a new style of exam questions was emerging. My first sample took me to SHP OCR B and the topic called Norman conequest 1065-1087. To my horror I found one of the two questions [...]