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Keeping it local: Looking for significant local people for KS1 history

Looking for local people to cover the KS1 NC for history in 2014

Finding names of significant local people locally may well prove more of a challenge than the designers of the Ks1 NC for history first thought. It is not, of course, identifying them. That is the easy bit. Any Google search will reveal them. It is much more about the famous lives to be susceptible to an enquiry for very young children. For this reason the reason for the person’s fame needs to be:

  • Relevant to the pupils’ own lives
  • Able to be told as a story not just a list of facts or inventions
  • Likely to lean to engaging classroom activities
  • Resourced with attractive materials, especially images that are age-specific


In a recent, worthy, publication ‘Bringing History Alive Through local people and places: a guide for primary teachers (Routledge 2014) , the authors Lynne Dixon and Alison Hales feature a list of local people put together by the London borough of Lewisham which includes:

Enid Blyton

Joseph Paxton of Crystal palace fame

Samuel Pepys

Sir Ernest Shackleton ( the centenary of his voyage very much in the news during time of writing August 1914)

Marie Lloyd of music hall repute

John Logie Baird pioneer of the television

Tommy Steele

Ignatius Orlando a slave who became a man of letters

And Octavia Hill the Victorian campaigner

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