July 2015
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Significant people in KS1 history for the 2014 history curriculum

Looking back over the first year of the new National Curriculum, the one area I have noticed some welcome change in practice is in the area of teaching about significant people. Now, enjoined to teach people linked by theme, there is much more coherence to the KS1 history curriculum. Instead of pot luck, we now [...]

New A level task Vietnam. Why on earth was mighty Rolling Thunder ultimately unsuccessful?

Great new explanation builder activity in which students develop their own meaning for this paradox :

When by the end of 1965 US pilots had flown over 24,000 sortie missions and wiped out 355 of North Vietnam’s ammunition dumps, dropping more bombs than were dropped in the whole of World War Two ,why then was operation [...]

New KS2 history diagnostic assessment task on Mayan society

Those of you who have been using the highly popular KS2 history assessment diagnostic tasks will be pleased to hear that a new addition to the collection is just being released in drfat form and is being trialled in schools.Pupils are given a coloured A4 sheet with three carefully chosen images showing features of Mayan [...]

GCSE history warfare - handguns at battle of Barnet

On that famous foggy day in April 1471 Edward IV routed a thousand Lancastrians including the Earl of Warwick ‘the Kingmaker’. As with many Wars of the Roses sites, the precise place where the battle took place is hotly disputed. The answer may lie in the debris.According to archaeologist Bruce Watson ” This is the [...]

New GCSE history study of the historic environment component from 2016

New GCSE history study of the historic environment component
Assessing students’ understanding of the historic environment in the new GCSE history courses from 2016

As we await the verdict of OFQUAL on the draft submissions for the new 2016 GCSE history courses, one of the more interesting outcomes will be those relating to the different ways the [...]