March 2015
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Thoughts on the new draft OCR GCSE history specifications

Thoughts on the new GCSE history proposals from OCR for teaching from 2016
As you probably already know, there are two distinct offerings from OCR. It would be too crude a division to suggest that one caters for the SHP devotees whilst the other offers continuity for ‘Modern World’ schools. Indeed OFQUAL’s criteria would [...]

Draft AQA proposals for new GCSE history from 2016

Some thoughts on the new AQA GCSE history proposal for first teaching in 2016.
Of all the new specifications this is the only one which landed on the front page of the national newspapers. This was largely to do with one of the options entitle conflict and tension 1990-2009. AQA would like to claim some other [...]

Thoughts on new GCSE history spec from Pearson

Some thoughts on the Pearson (Edexcel) draft proposal for new GCSE history from 2016
As I read through Pearsons’ draft proposals for the new GCSE history specification which they will be submitting to OFQUAL next month, several thoughts occur. I mention these only because I have heard many schools enthusiastically voting for this as their preferred [...]

New GCSE history assessment weightings from 2016

So, we have 4 assessment objectives from 2016. What do colleagues feel about the balance? AO1 ‘ demonstrating knowledge and understanding of the key features and characteristics of the periods studied’ is weighted at 35% . so is ‘ explaining and analysing historical events and periods studied using second-order historical concepts. That;s 70 % [...]

Thoughts on the new GCSE history from 2016

As examination boards beaver away to present their final offering to OFQUAL by next month, I wonder how many of you are beginning to plan what this new linear examination course might look like. Superficially it would seem easy. You have 5 elements so why not 20% if the time for each. One term per [...]