November 2014
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HA's survey findings for 2014

This is the HA’s summary of its own survey findings. I’ll make a few comments when I’ve read the entire report.
The Historical Association’s annual survey of history in schools for 2014 has found that:

There has been a 5% increase in the number of respondents reporting that Key Stage 3 history is crammed into only two years (23% compared with 18% last year)
There has been a further erosion of children’s right to learn history after the age of 13 years – 44% our respondents said some students are actively steered away from studying history for GCSE by their school if at 13 years they are judged to be unlikely to get a Grade C, even though they would have 2 years to improve and often enjoy history.
50% of respondents said GCSE specifications were likely to make a significant impact on what they decide to teach at Key Stage 3.
Most teachers thought that the decoupling of AS from A Level would be detrimental to the future take-up of history post-16.
90% of respondents agreed that all new trainee teachers should receive a guaranteed minimum entitlement to university-based elements in their training. Serious concerns were expressed regarding plans to put more trainee teachers into the classroom without any academic or specialised mentor support and training.

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