November 2014
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OFQUAL on A level history reforms

OFQUAL today referred to the new changes to A level. Glynis Stacy stressed the fact that As and A2 had been designed for co-teachability. So there! Go forth and co-teach. It also got a separate reference
The biggest subject content changes are in history, where we move from the study of one century to the study [...]

Philistine Morgan steers A level students way from history

Nicky Morgan’s first foray into curriculum issues that affect history is not a promising one. Urging A level students to study STEM subjects, instead of the Humanities, is just so short-sighted. If she looks around the Commons’ benches she will see that of the 600-odd MPs present ( though they never are) only 15 [...]

HA's survey findings for 2014

This is the HA’s summary of its own survey findings. I’ll make a few comments when I’ve read the entire report.
The Historical Association’s annual survey of history in schools for 2014 has found that:

There has been a 5% increase in the number of respondents reporting that Key Stage 3 history is crammed into only two [...]

New A level history spec from AQA now accredited

With just 10 months to go before first teaching of the new 2015, there were only 2 specs accredited-OCR and Pearson. Mark Battye of Pearson kindly told me this morning that AQA was accredited yesterday.
Now the fun and games start. Not only what to choose but how to manage the co-teaching and how to utilise [...]