October 2014
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Choosing your pre-1066 thematic unit in KS3 history

Area 6 Thematic study from before 1066 for the new 2014 KS3 history curriculum

I have been busy creating some more imaginative approaches to the pre-1066 unit that gives pupils’ a stronger chronological perspective. This is the first called Don’t be fooled.
Example A
This study entitled Don’t be fooled! Has been designed to be taught at [...]

GCSE history results down : let's celebrate?

Publication of the final authorized statistics for this year’s GCSE results were announced today and heralded with my delight by the new Secretary of State Nicky Morgan. Lower than any year since 2007 I’m not quite sure what the government is crowing about. Results up: too easy, results down; rigorous reforms. Sounds the perfect get [...]

OFSTED does not expect detailed written dialogue in pupils' exercise books-official

Ofsted announced yesterday does not expect to see unnecessary or extensive written dialogue between teachers and pupils in exercise books and folders. Ofsted recognises the importance of different forms of feedback and inspectors will look at how these are used to promote learning.

This is reassuring but I feel a touch insulting as well. How many [...]

OFSTED clears up myths about inspection: no lesson grades

Yesterday Ofsted finally put things in black and white on 2 sides of A4. It want every school to know that it does not award a grade for the quality of teaching for any individual lessons visited and it does not grade individual lessons. It does not expect schools to use the Ofsted evaluation [...]

Great GCSE history teaching; shame about the examining

In another week of exposure of unreliable marking by exam boards, I thought I’d pick up an ongoing thread on a teachers’ forum . It was a good time to look as so many were getting outcomes of their appeals. This comment is typical “I am also AQA SHP and we too had very strange [...]

Interesting 20 C overview based on a lump of coal

Having watched the last episode of David Reynolds the Long Shadow, I thought it wd be interesting to take his opening, filmed in an Upper Silesian coalfield, and show students just how much can be learned from the fate of a piece of coal from the break-up of the Austria-Hungarian Empire through to entry [...]

Teaching overviews in KS3 history

Teaching overviews at Key Stage 3

Post -1939
In Keith Robbins’ recent study of the last 75 years of world history, he identifies a number of key themes. How many of your pupils will leave KS3 knowing what these are? Have you designed an end-of keystage study to embrace these? For reference his book is called Transforming [...]