September 2014
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New KS2 lessons on early Islam, Maya and Benin

Lessons 2 and 3 on early Islam are being launched this week as well as KQ1 for Benin and KQ3 for the Maya. Feedback so far has been great. Just has an email from deputy headteacher reporting that her Y5′s loved the resources on the Maya, were really excited in the lessons and were learning [...]

New OCR A level history now accredited

Against a background of AQA having to resubmit, the vexed OCR A level history course for first examination in 2017 has now been accredited. You can find the detail here

Drawbacks with new AQA A level history specification

AQA recently posted this note on their website, prior to receiving accreditation

a requirement that one of the examined components (ie Component 1 or 2) must cover British history
a requirement that coursework questions will be set in the context of 100 years
the introduction of prohibited combinations, to prevent the narrowing of the student experience – for [...]

New KS2 history Outstanding lesson on early Islam and Baghdad live tomorrow

Brand new and exciting new lesson using Picture This technique. Using visitors’ descriptions of Baghdad in 11th century pupils are asked to work in groups to create a large sugar paper plan of the city. The information is carefully released, snippet by snippet, with the simpler clues first and then the more demanding detail. Pupils [...]

New KS2 history lessons on Maya now ready

Pleased that first of the 6 outstanding lessons/smart tasks on the Maya has now been uploaded for subscribers. Really exciting activities such as gallery and Dear producer in which pupils critique a short online video. all subsequent lessons now being copyright cleared.
lesson 2 features diamond 4 prediction and prioritising activity
lesson 3 sees pupils writing a [...]

New A level history specifications: depth and breadth

Having fun working out the complexities of the new A level specs. Notwithstanding the sever restrictions placed on content choice with EDEXEL’s notion of ‘routes’ and prohibited combinations, I raise a wry smile at their distinction between depth an breadth. When does one man’s depth become another man’s overview? Here’s a quiz question then. Is [...]

New A level history specifications gain Ofqual approval

The new Pearson Edexcel 2015 AS and A level History specifications and sample assessment materials have now been accredited by Ofqual and final accredited documents are available to download from the qualification page:


Nick Gibb's view of the new history curriculum for 2014

We all know where Nick Gibb, Minister of State, stands on the history curriculum. He is dead set on making sure pupils acquire as much knowledge as they can. Last week in his speech he asked us to monitor outcomes of a pilot study comparing schools taught more traditionally with those enjoying a more skills/concept-based [...]