August 2014
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Dangers of jumping GCSE history ship in midst of a storm

With the publication of last week’s GCSE results, and the backwash of disappointment in some centres, comes the inevitable search for a ‘fairer’specification. Often this has meant switching from SHP to MW or vice versa. More recently it has led some centrs to flirt with iGCSE in the hope of protecting themselves in a safe Modern World harbour, free from Gove’s winds of change. Alas even that has now left centres exposed, given the fact that iGCSE will not count towards League tables when the new GCSE history courses start in 2 years time.
Needless to say, many schools are not venturing out to sea until they have to in time for the new specs. What a mess this all is. Many think it is ironical that Gove should kill off MW courses and replace them with an SHP style( if not content) structure. i don’t think it is that surprising. he wanted breadth. he also wanted improved chronological understanding How else can these be achieved without some form of outline study? As with all things the devil is in the detail. It may be painful taking the axe to the existing courses, in the short term but it might well be that it ends up a blessing in disguise. I, for one , am awaiting the new specs with far more interest than I thought I would be.

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