July 2014
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Getting your history assessment in shape for Autumn 2014

Lets look at some key messages first:
1.Ofsted have confirmed that they
expect next term to be a work in progress when it comes
to implementing the new curriculum and an assessment
framework to support it. 
2.The new curriculum and your assessment should be
approached alongside each other , so you know when you start teaching how you will know it has been learned
3.The government will not endorse a single system for
ongoing assessment. This presents an opportunity
for you to take the lead in developing and sharing
curriculum and assessment systems that meet the needs
of your school. It might be better to just get on with doing your own rather than waiting for someone else’s system which is bound to be flawed as have all other assessment schemes in history-believe me!
4. hold on to what you know works well; don’t be persuaded that it doesn’t work, unless they can produce the evidence
5.Formative assessment in the classroom is crucially important.  Find
a way to let this drive teaching and learning perhaps by starting to consider not only which key questions pupils should be answering but what constitutes a high quality answer for the age group
6. Don’t get drawn into overly-complicated tracking and recording grids until you are sure they are worth all the effort
7 There is time to work on this, and it is not expected that
schools will come up with the perfect answers straight
away.  Accept that this will take some time and that there is
no single right or wrong answer. If there was the govt might have promoted it . They didn’t. They just passed the problem onto you.

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