July 2014
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Getting your history assessment in shape for Autumn 2014

Lets look at some key messages first:
1.Ofsted have confirmed that they
expect next term to be a work in progress when it comes
to implementing the new curriculum and an assessment
framework to support it. 
2.The new curriculum and your assessment should be
approached alongside each other , so you know when you start teaching how you will know it [...]

The building of Stonehenge voted as event most Brits would like to have witnessed

Nearly half of those who voted in an English Heritage poll put that as number one. But 2nd and 3rd place might be more difficult to predict: the evacuation of Dunkirk ; Roman soldiers defending Hadrian’s wall.

Pre-1066 thematic study at KS3. Please think of KS2

I’m growing increasingly concerned, as I read the schoolhistory forum, about the options that schools are taking for this area of study , new to the 2014 curriculum. Setting aside the bizarre, (being told to choose Ancient Greece when the topic is clearly British) there seem to be an awful lot of secondary school history [...]

New Key Stage 3 history from 2014- the dog that didn't bark in the night

The other day I was struggling to discover why the new KS3 history course is coming in with a whimper. Was it the fact that Gove caved in and that his apocalyptic vision of Feb 2013 failed to materialise? Did we all then heave a sigh of relief and then just carry on regardless? I [...]

Gove's gone! Yes, really Gove's gone. Sacked. Such joy!

I think I’ll spend all day ringing the DfE to hear that delicious repeated confirmation that ‘Mr Gove doesn’t work here any more’. All bluster and puffed up self-importance, Gove has caused untold heartache in the last few years introducing incoherent curriculum changes all at once whilst ducking the key issues (exam board competition [...]

How do I know my NC assessment in history will be accurate?

OFSTED will be looking for the following from September 2014:
In evaluating the accuracy of assessment, inspectors will usually consider how well:
 any baseline assessment, teacher assessment and testing are used to modify teaching so that pupils achieve the expected standards by the end of year or key stage
 assessment draws on a range of evidence of what [...]

What will be do instead of NC levels in history? OFSTED's perspective

This week OFSTED gave us an insight into what it will be looking when inspecting school’s assessment systems, now that we no longer have to use NC levels.They will:
 spend more time looking at the range of pupils’ work to consider what progress they are making in different areas of the curriculum
 talk to leaders about schools’ [...]