June 2014
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Will you be starting your KS3 history course in September with a study of toilets in the past?

Many of you will have seen Lead HMI Mike Maddison’s laudable attempt at the HA conference to feed the debate on planning for a new KS3 history curriculum. Rather than close the debate by showing OFSTED-approved models, Mike generously brought together a range of examples from various schools. You can download them from the HA website. Some are a little surprising. How many of you will want to start KS3 with a study of toilets? I fear this could turn the Mr Men fiasco into a sideshow if the DM gets hold of it.
Next week I will be publishing what I consider to be a strong KS3 history course, not as just another example, but as the product of considerable thought and refinement. If any of you subscribers would like a preview , please feel free to contact me directly and I’ll email it to you. This will be followed by detailed Medium -term plans for all the ‘new’ areas of study. Particularly interesting is the way I have broken up the local study so it nests as one or two key questions within each of the British units, and the way a study of India takes us from Mughal empire right through to decolonisation and up to the present day rather than stopping at 1858 as suggested in Gove’s examples. This reinforces the idea that these are not to be seen as 7 separate silos each standing separately from the others. rather they are threads to be woven together in whichever way we like as long as it helps to create a coherent tapestry, a ‘Big Picture’ narrative.

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