June 2014
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Will you be starting your KS3 history course in September with a study of toilets in the past?

Many of you will have seen Lead HMI Mike Maddison’s laudable attempt at the HA conference to feed the debate on planning for a new KS3 history curriculum. Rather than close the debate by showing OFSTED-approved models, Mike generously brought together a range of examples from various schools. You can download them from the [...]

Has the death of Modern World History at GCSECbeen greatly exaggerated?

Who would have thought it? MWH in danger of disappearing from the range of GCSE courses available. We mustn’t write the obituary quite yet, lets’ wait to see what the exam board come up with. I’m not optimistic. I fear a poorly conceived set of options designed to stop centres migrating to IGCSE will be [...]

Auto Draft

Amongst the untold casualties of Gove trying to introduce wholesale changes at both KS3 GCSE and AS/ A2 within a couple of years is the effect that the removal of coursework from GCSE will have on A level history students. For all its many flaws, at least Controlled Assessment made some attempt to help students [...]

KS1 significant people ; new addition

As the new 2014 KS1 history curriculum requires that schools teach about significant people who are linked in some way, I thought it a god idea to create a new study. ‘Passing on the word’ is based around 2 key technological changes:printing and the telephone. Holding the theme together are tow significant people William Caxton [...]

Major new additions to KS2 part of site this month

Those of you waiting patiently for the high quality detailed medium planning for Maya, Baghdad, and Benin will,be pleased to know that the plans are nearly complete and should be ready next week.All the lesson activities resources have been developed and are now awaiting final copyright clearance. Members can request copies of the planning and [...]