June 2014
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Problems teaching Benin in KS2 history curriculum

As you all know,from September 2014 all state schools have to teach a non-Western historical study from the period c. AD 900. There are three options: Benin, early Islam and Maya. Whereas schools have taught the Aztecs before,Baghdad and Benin are new kids on the block. And they are far easy to plan and teach [...]

Fantastic new zoomable maps of British and German trenches 1915-18

Every history teacher’s dream, thanks to national Library of Scotland
Find at http://maps.nls.uk/ww1/trenches/index.html

Real problems planning history for KS2 for 2014

I’sure Gove has no idea what problems he is causing my insisting that all pupils at KS2 are taught the new curriculum from 2014. I have worked with numerous schools that have been tied in knots trying to avoid pupils repeating topics from the old curriculum again within the new curriculum, often within a couple [...]

Gove may now take on the 'bridge too far' exam boards but not in time for new A level history

Gove shrank in the face of opposition from giants like Pearson when he scurrilously suggested the ending of exam board commercial competition and their monopoly of badged texts and CPD run by the examiners who write the books/exams/markschemes. I think he regretted the fact that he didn’t have the courage when he had the chance. [...]

OFSTED may put an end to farming out inspections to Uncle Tom Cobbly

Well we cd have told them year ago,Apparently there is a problem with the quality of inspections carried out by people who work for commercial companies. Hold the front page! Wilshaw now feels this is significant enough to make all inspections at least HMI-led, with a view to losing all non HMI inspectors , presumably. [...]

New Y3 KS2 diagnostic assessment on changes from Old Stone Age to Iron Age is ready for trialling

Just to let subscribers know that a brand new Y3 diagnostic assessment on Stone Age to Iron Age has been created with its own markscheme and picture pack sequencing task. Pupils have to place 5 colourful images in chronological order and explain their choice referring to the clues in the pictures and using period specific [...]

New KS1 history themed significant people: Caxton and Bell

For KS1 teachers looking for an active ways of teaching significant people and want an antidote of addition to Florence Nightingale, I can announce that the planning for passing on the Word topic – dealing with printed books Caxton and telephone (Bell) is gathering pace. If you are a subscriber and would like details [...]

New Medium term KS2 history planning for Mayan civilization is going down a storm

Since I announced that the draft planning on all non-western civilizations (to be taught in KS2 history from September) are now available in draft format on request, I have been besieged with enquiries. The planning is in Word for you to change as you see fit and is now 90-95% complete. Teachers love the [...]

New draft AS and A level history specifications for teaching from 2015 now online

Whilst juggling with the new KS3 for this September and GCSE for 2016, you are now faced with the decision about AS and A level for first teaching September 2015. The draft specifications are now available on the Exam Boards’ websites. Given the massive widespread assault on the incompetence of OCR’s A level history marking, [...]

OFSTED to stop grading history teachers' lessons

Well it might be too good to be true, but in a pilot to start in Birmingham on Monday OFSTED are NOT going to grade individual lessons.Instead their comments will be on strengths and areas to improve. It sounds almost helpful. Nothing can erase the massive damage caused to a generation of teachers, but we [...]