March 2014
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Time for sweeping change in history assessment at KS3, GCSE and A level is NOW.

When so much time has been spent on measuring pupils’ progress in KS3 using spurious data derived from blunt assessment tools, it is now time to place the emphasis where it should be focused- on helping pupils to aspire to better historical understanding. This is miles away from where we are- namely getting to the [...]

All year groups start new primary history in 2014.?How will THAT work?

Nobody’s really thought this through. With all year groups i.e. 1-6 starting the new history curriculum from 2014, how will schools manage to introduce a freshly organised arrangement of topics without leading to some not being taught and other doubling up? If it now makes more sense in the long term to teach the Vikings [...]

New A level history from September 2015

Unlike with geography where there has been a one year stay of execution, there will be a brand new linear A Level History specification published this summer for first teaching September 2015, first exam Summer 2017.

You will all know the details but if you are new to 16+ or jut starting teaching you may benefit [...]

Do you want to see the end of badged history textbooks at GCSE and AS A level?

Ofqual has today (Tuesday 4th March) launched a consultation on the regulation of awarding organisations’ endorsement of textbooks and other support materials, and those written by examiners.
Some educational publishers ask awarding organisations to approve resources including core textbooks to support students taking their qualifications. Ofqual recognises that while these endorsements can make an important [...]

What OFSTED is saying about observing just 25 minutes of lessons

Interesting new policy statement from OFSTED in case you missed it over half-term

On average, inspectors may spend only 25 minutes or so in each lesson. It would be nonsensical to suggest that an Ofsted inspector could give a definitive validation of a teacher’s professional competency in such a short time. We are not in the [...]