February 2014
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New KS1 history topic called Spreading the Word: Famous person Caxton

Great new KS1 topic in production which embrace new new famous people . The first is Caxton , the second Bell (of telephone fame). 4 great killer activities on Caxton include:
slow reveal image for pupils to use increasing number of clues to speculate as to why this man might be famous. They then have to help Caxton to prepare for a surprise visit from King Edward and Queen Elizabeth. He wants to impress but he needs pupils’ help. But what jobs need doing, and in which order? pupils explore 4 pictures to find all the stages and then have to act out the stages from start to finish to impress the royal couple. But they must act quickly in teams as the monarch can’t stay long. The third is to help create a new plaque in Westminster Abbey to commemorate his achievements. Hiring a stone mason will be costly. he charges by the word.They can use only 60 words. But it would be better if they could cover all his achievement in fewer words . Which are the most important ones to include? English, inventor, first, print, books, translation? The pupils decide and then Wordprocess using word count to help.
Any subscriber wishing to preview/trial any material please get in touch. Planner will be posted with work on Bell next month. You’ll notice I will not be doing a separate study of Tim Berners-Lee which I think would be bonkers, but will take the topic from first writing, through printing, to mass production of books, telephone TV , radio through to internet, email and social media. Tim Berners-Lee restricted to a 140 character tweet on his achievements seems unfair but reflects just how much independent learning pupils can usefully do on his work at KS1.

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