November 2013
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Life after KS3 levels in history: the elephant in the room

If we only continued using the levels because we couldn’t come up with a compelling alternative that would satisfy SLT, then that alone would be a very good reason to stop using them. We need a different model. We have spent years tinkering with sub-levels but that’s not what we need. We must think [...]

How many lower-attaining are being put off studying GCSE history?

The Historical Association’s recent survey found that the number of schools barring some pupils from history has increased by around a quarter in the last 12 months and more than doubled over a two-year period.

But the Department for Education dismissed the findings as “simply not true”, insisting that entries for GCSE history were actually at [...]

No coursework in OFQUAL's proposals for new history GCSE

Just thought I’d alert you to what is afoot at OFQUAL . Today, when announcing changes to Eng and Maths etc they revealed their proposals which will go to consultation. Predictably they went for no tiers, as now, but advocated 100% coursework. If you want to see their flimsy reasoning here it is.

GCSE history is [...]

Yet another version of OFSTED criteria for outstanding teaching now applies

I can’t be the only person who thinks that OFSTED must be pretty clueless if they need, yet again!, to modify the criteria and have another go at getting them right. The teachers they observe do not have that luxury! Of course, none of us are naive enough to assume that the latest criteria are [...]