September 2013
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KS1 famous people for new 2014 history curriculum

spending quite a lot of time working up high quality learning activities on Caxton and Bell as part of a communications topic. Uninspired by Gove’s asinine suggestion that we teach Tim Berners Lee’s life to infants. How on earth can we make it practical? instead I’m plumping for Bell where there is a lot of [...]

New KS1&2 history NC for 2014 has arrived. No change

There have been no alterations or additions to the last draft you saw in July so it is hell for leather now getting in shape for the new 2014 curriculum which becomes statutory in September 2014. Look at the Recently Added/Updates section to see what is planned for the website in the year ahead.

New KS3 history NC for 2014 has arrived. No change

As expected the government has not listened to any of the advice on the second consultation. My guess is that the type was already set and the presses ready to roll. At least there is not more change to accommodate. So we press ahead with the Magnificent 7 modules which we might call:
Early Modern
Industrial Britain
20C [...]

Final consultation on NC history 2014-digest of responses

This is what respondents said. Will they take any notice?

126 respondents (42%) believed that there was insufficient scope for learning about social history in the history curriculum. This high response rate is in part due to a specific campaign to place greater emphasis on social history which attracted a large number of responses from, amongst [...]

Gove delays start of new history GCSE; now 2016

I’m not sure what the collective term for a series of U-turns is but it might just be a Gove. he has buckled again under pressure, this time from Ofqual who have convinced him that he is , yet again, rushing his fences. So the start of the completely new GCSE for history is now [...]