July 2013
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Final KS2 history curriculum

What has emerged in today’s final report is a curate’s egg- good only in parts. Although improved in many ways it is still overwhelmingly pre-1066 in its focus and that has got to be bad news for primary schools. Yes there is local history, yes Ancient Egypt is back on the agenda, and yes there are opportunities to look at some aspects thematically, but there are still going to be enormous challenges facing any primary school that wants to offer pupils more recent history. Even the non-European options are all at least 500 years ago. we don’t need to stick to the advisory content, and the Heptarchy has died a death(R.I.P), but we are still left predominantly with a curriculum that is 80% pre-Norman Conquest. How pupils are to enquire into history from primary written sources from these periods is beyond me? So it looks like farewell to the Tudors, Victorians and Life in Britain since the 30s unless you can do some imaginative thinking-as I am sure you will – to bring them into the new ‘thematic’ study, the ‘local’ study or the ‘depth’ study. I will be showing how that will be possible over the next few weeks so you come back in September feeling that it is at last teachable. Resourcing early Islam and Baghdad c.AD 900 will be a challenge- but that it where I can help and what I’m here for !!

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