July 2013
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Lack of European history in final NC draft for KS3 history?

As Richard Evans has pointed out in a recent Guardian article ( 12.7.13) the new curriculum lacks a strong European dimension
Strikingly, the curriculum repeatedly refers to “British, local and world history”, but does not once mention “European history”. The Greeks and Romans and their influence put in an appearance, as do “Renaissance and Reformation in [...]

exam board seminars to continue

For all his huff and puff about putting an end to the ‘cheating’ that went on at exam board-led seminars, it now appears that they are to be allowed to continue. As Ofqual reported on their website today
In yet another climbdown, Gove has been forced to backtrack on his original decision to ban exam board-led [...]

So much fuss, so little change-the story of KS3 history

Gove saved most of his lambasting soundbites for KS3 history. We had Mr Men and Premier Inn surveys galore. But Gove was going to slay those dragons. Thanks to him history teaching at KS3 would never be allowed to sinks to these depths again. So what happened? Gove tried, and failed and limped off stage [...]

Half of our KS2 history has been scrapped!

Whilst welcoming the fact the the more bizarre of Gove’s ideas have bitten the dust, many of you will still be left wondering what on earth KS2 history will be like without the Tudors, Victorians and Life since the 1930s. Over the next month I will be publishing different ‘curriculum models’ which show, with a [...]

What does final NC report mean for KS3 history?

Well it could have been so much worse! At least we now have 1066-1688 restored to its right ful place, But what else has changed. Here are the main features in a nutshell
1. Skills.concepts and processes survive broadly intact and we would like them to be including retention of interpretations as a bulwark against worst [...]

What does the new NC mean for KS2 history?

Well its much better than it might have been. The first draft was unteachable: this is just unwelcome.

You can read for yourslef the full content which I have copied below but here is my digest in a nutshell.
1. There are 9 discrete areas to cover. By judiciously nesting one of these as a depth within [...]

What does the new NC for history mean for KS1?

One of the few saving graces of Gove’s new National Curriculum is that he has not meddled unnecessarily with Key Stage 1. In my opinion, the teaching of history at KS1 carry on very much as before. The skills and concepts are so similar as not to warrant any re-planning and the content is all [...]

Final KS2 history curriculum

What has emerged in today’s final report is a curate’s egg- good only in parts. Although improved in many ways it is still overwhelmingly pre-1066 in its focus and that has got to be bad news for primary schools. Yes there is local history, yes Ancient Egypt is back on the agenda, and yes there [...]

Final NC for history at KS3

Well it may have been a storm in a teacup but we have weathered the storm and have forced the Good ship Gove to weigh anchor in more familiar waters. What he is now advocating in the final draft is not a million miles from what most of us are already doing. There is [...]

AQA publishes new draft GCSE proposals

Unbelievably late in the day, we now have sight of AQA’s proposals for 2015 examination which we be teaching from September. Yes, THIS September. As they all tell us: the secret to success lies in sound preparation!
The logic behind the changes beggars belief. See if you can find it:
AQA’s proposals
To ensure that our qualification enables [...]