June 2013
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Further caricature of current KS3 school history teaching

Today’s independent carries yet another caricature of KS3 history in state schools, this time from Matthew Hunter. It’s a step up from Mr Men but you can see what’s happening here. As soon as Gove and others have their ideas criticised they resort to distorting and lampooning current practice-playing for laughs to hide their fear that their reforms will not be implemented. Anyway,for what it’s worth this is , apparently what you spend every day doing:

It did not take me long to work out why pupils are so ignorant of British history, despite spending over a year studying it (as laid down by the national curriculum). To study the Norman Conquest, pupils would re-enact the Battle of Hastings in the playground, conduct a classroom survey to create their own Domesday Book, and make motte-and-bailey castles out of cereal boxes. Medieval England would be studied through acting out the death of Thomas Becket, and creating a boardgame to cover life as a medieval peasant. For the Industrial Revolution, pupils pitched inventions to Dragons’ Den and lessons on the British Empire culminated in the design of a commemorative plate showing whether it was or was not a “force for good”.

Where are the voices speaking out in defence of what is actually happening? Clearly OFSTED reports are not being read or they would realise that KS3 history is one of the best taught subjects. But who wants an inconvenient truth to get in the way.

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