May 2013
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Schama urges boycott of Gove's history curriculum

Describing Gove’s proposals for a new history curriculum as ’1066 and all that’ without the jokes Schama has rounded on Gove’s proposals with unstinting hostility, I particularly like what he had to say about teaching the new proposals for primary schools “None of you ( ie teachers at the Hay festival) should sign up to [...]

Gove admits need to U-turn on history proposals

Listening doesn’t come easy to Gove. He’d rather just pontificate about what he thinks is best for us, irrespective of what we believe. So when he has to backtrack he obviously puts this down to reluctantly giving into to unwelcome pressure rather than belatedly seeing the light. I , for one, am just grateful for [...]

Gove's reply to my letter criticising his inane proposals for NC history,sent via my MP

You might be interested in Gove’s response to my criticism of the new NC proposals, sent via my local MP. He says that in recent years ” the national curriculum has prescribed the teaching of inessential material and generic skills at the expense of rigorous subject knowledge”. There: that’s told you. Now you know what [...]

Gove's attacks on 'infantilised' history teaching: sign of desperate man

Gove ridiculous lampooning of a couple of Russell Tarr and the Historical Associations’s suggested learning activities for history has all the hallmarks of someone far happier on the attack than defence. His unteachable KS2 and 3 proposals have found little support beyond a few academics who have very little knowledge of how history is really [...]