April 2013
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Last chance to stop Gove's madcap curriculum

Well, we’ll all wake up tomorrow with a heavy heart. It is the last day of the consultation process-if you can call it that-our last chance to tell Gove that his plans are as unworkable as they are unwelcome. I have yet to hear back from my MO other than to confirm that he has passed on my strong vies to Gove himself. So why am I pessimistic? Because I don’t think Gove will listen. Another bridge too far would make this self-regarding politician seem ridiculous, so I can’t seem him giving much ground. All we might hope for is that he realises the insanity to overloading KS2 with material they don’t want to teach when at the same time taking away from KS3 the very topics they have taught and resourced so well over the past 25 years. I know this pre-occupation with content is only part of the story, but to Gove it is the whole story-Our Island Story. This is what he understands. He has only shifted content to KS2 to make him seem more rigorous when actually it has expose the emperor’s new clothes. Gove has no idea how schools function or what the best history teaching looks like. If we have his curriculum we may never see it again either.

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