March 2013
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Shock wave repercussions of changes to GCSE history for September 2013 now being felt

Schools are gradually coming to terms with the full implications of OFQUAL’s changes to GCSE history examinations which start in September. The first board to show its hand was OCR with its Modern World course’s prohibited combinations. So those teaching inter-war Germany as a Depth Study MUST noe study a later period, i.e. post 1945 for their International Relations unit. Already Year 9 students on a 3 year GCSE course may have studied material which they will be forbidden to use in the examination. New schemes of work will need to be written and new rationales for topic sequence and overall coherence will need to be developed.. And what about SHP courses and Modern World courses for AQA and EDEXCEL? If the changes there are less significant, I can well see departments jumping ship. And what awful timing. Pity those poor HODs having to describe a course at options evenings when they don’t yet know what it will look like. Coming hard on the heels of the ghastly KS3 draft curriculum, this is a truly miserable time to be a history teacher! Let’s mhope in both instances that public outcry led by articulate history teachers will force Gove to perform yet another U-turn. These are certainly yet another ‘two bridges too far’.

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