February 2013
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Gove's asinine, harebrained plans for KS2 history

Across the land, history teachers in secondary schools and at KS2 are waking to the prospect of miserable professional life ahead, if Gove’s insane plans are to completely revoked. I had anticipated what the secondary content might be.It fulfilled all my worst fears. What took me completely by surprise was Gove’s passing into the generalist hands of KS2 teachers so much Medieval and early modern history that subject specialists at KS3 have always teach so well. Its like a consultant referring you to a GP to carry out expert surgery. If Gove really cares about the standards in history, he needs to wake up to the situation in primary schools. By my calculation about three quarters of what KS2 teachers will have to teach will not have been taught in that school for over 25 years. So no resources, no schemes of work, no expertise and no training. When we read OFSTED’s History For All ( March 2011) we find that one of the main worries was a lack of CPD in history for primary teachers. The remedy? Heap on them a vast amount of stuff they know little about and expect that to lead to raising of standards. It really is so unspeakably asinine. Primary teachers do a brilliant job covering so many curriculum subjects so well. Look at how imaginatively they teach topics like Ancient Egypt-now unbelievably dropped from the KS2 curriculum. These hard-working conscientious teachers deserve better. They are lions led by a donkey.

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