February 2013
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Strangle Gove' monster at birth: why we need to respond QUICKLY to the consultation on draft NC for HISTORY

The deadline for letting Gove know that his plans will set back history teaching 30 years is fast approaching. He must receive the forms by April .This is a short time and time is ebbihg away. So complete this online form


Why must you?
1. Because KS1 has many inappropriate elements in it Why should infants learn the concept of a ‘nation’ Just one of the many idiotic ideas. Why do Ks1 pupils need to know William Harvey’s breakthrough in understanding of how the blood circulates?
2. Because KS2 content is too remote from pupils experience . It all fall before the year 1700
3. Because successful junior-age topics such as the Egyptians Victorians and Life in Britain since the 1930s have been lost, crowded out by early British chronological history which finds Y3 pupils learning about the heptarchy
4,Because 75% of KS2 content has not been taught in most state primary schools for the last 30 years, if then. This will mean massive expenditure, and an enormous training need.
5. KS3 has been stripped of moist of the content that appeals to Y7 and Y8 pupils and have been left with a lot of 19th century social and economic history which died out in the mid-1980s.
6. Too many of Gove’s 20th British topics appear in current Modern World history syllabi forcing the sort of unhelpful duplication he has railed against. Why on earth do we have to teach Florence Nightingale and Isaac Newton in KS1 and KS3
7. What happens to pupils in academy primary schools who feed into non-academy secondary schools. Is it OK for them to know nothing about British history pre-1700?

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