February 2013
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Is it true that 7 yr-olds must learn about the heptarchy?

Just in case, having read Gove’s draft roposal for KS2 history you feel you have awoken from some terrible dream and have found yourself adrift in the 1950s, spare a thought for those who have to learn as well as teach it. Barely 7 yrs old, because Gove says so, the youngest of junior age children must embark on this narrative of history which includes the heptarchy and political developments in Wales in the Middle Ages. You thought you might get through life never having to know let alone use the word heptarchy.Even typing the word comes up as an error on my spellchecker!)But you are not 7, and not lucky enough to come under the guiding hand of Gove. Aren’t you grateful to him that all your pupils will now know about , wait for it,Dafydd ap Gruffydd. No this is not a joke
From 2014,if we fail in crushing these idiotic changes, then pupils will not learn about the Egyptians, Victorians or Life in Britain since the 1930s. There will be no place for using cheap-to-purchase artefacts or any oral history. Pupils will learn nothing that remotely connects to their life as they study nothing later than the year 1700. So please, please, do everything you can to kill this ludicrous plan stone dead. Here’s how to.
Tf you have time: Write to your local MP & the constituency MP of your school if they are different. Ask all colleagues to do likewise.
• Involve pupils and parents. The consultation document claim it wants submissions from all sectors)
• Everyone register their views at the Historical Association, in the Forum as well as the online poll. The forum can clearly identify the different contributors so the more negative contributions the better.
• Contact the Education Select Committee chair, Graham Stuart. graham.stuart.mp@parliament.uk
• Contact Stephen Twigg.stephen.twigg.mp@parliament whi is Shadow Education secretary and nick.clegg.mp@parliament.uk

At the bare minimum complete the online consultation form http://www.education.gov.uk/aboutdfe/departmentalinformation/consultations/a00221262/reform-national-curriculum


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