February 2013
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Defenders of the new history curriculum have their say- a dozen dons can't be wrong?

In this morning’s Times, supported by a front page and leader aticle, a dozen dons have come out of the woodwork to have their say in support of Gove’s lunatic proposals.
Let’s break down what they say. Their words are in italics, my comments follow below

1. we believe that every child should have the opportunity [...]

Ferguson's ignorant defence of NC draft history curriculum

I thought it wouldn’t take him long to rush to Gove’s defence. In today’s Guardian he writes about how feeble to current NC history POS is but then commits the most cardinal of sins by writing his tirade against Evans etc al beneath a caption to the Bayeux Tapestry which, it is claimed,is not currently [...]

His Tory curriculum or history curriculum?

Hard to tell the difference , frankly.Opposition to Gove’s woefully misguided changes is gathering pace.Admittedly there are some primary colleagues who are looking forward to cherry=picking from the new KS2 changes. I have yet to find a single defender of the expectation that KS1 pupils will be learning about the meaning of nation and civilization. [...]

Strangle Gove' monster at birth: why we need to respond QUICKLY to the consultation on draft NC for HISTORY

The deadline for letting Gove know that his plans will set back history teaching 30 years is fast approaching. He must receive the forms by April .This is a short time and time is ebbihg away. So complete this online form


Why must you?
1. Because KS1 has many inappropriate elements in it Why should infants learn [...]

Is it true that 7 yr-olds must learn about the heptarchy?

Just in case, having read Gove’s draft roposal for KS2 history you feel you have awoken from some terrible dream and have found yourself adrift in the 1950s, spare a thought for those who have to learn as well as teach it. Barely 7 yrs old, because Gove says so, the youngest of junior [...]

Gove's asinine , harebrained plans for KS2 history

Across the land, history teachers in secondary schools and at KS2 are waking to the prospect of miserable professional life ahead, if Gove’s insane plans are to completely revoked. I had anticipated what the secondary content might be.It fulfilled all my worst fears. What took me completely by surprise was Gove’s passing into the generalist [...]

Dire draft KS3 NC history

Well its what we all feared in our worst moments of despair. We knew that Gove’s plans would be bad but these are beyond belief.
Forget all history prior to 1688. That will ALL be done in KS2-yes, honestly it does say that!!
You come in at KS3 with ‘the rest’. What that leaves for GCSE is [...]

Gove's ludicrous plans for KS2 history could wreck 20 years of enormous progress

What follows may offend those of you of a nervous disposition:it should offend you all.It is Gove’s view of what KS2 history should be and it stinks. It is like a Common Entrance Examination syllabus taught in today’s prep schools and is poles aprat from what is currently taught.
Let’s look at the detail.
Pupils should be [...]

Appalling plans for draft KS1 history National Curriculum

Key Stage 1 Draft HISTORY Programme of Study has been punlished today
Well, if you didn’t already know it, its official: Gove is bonkers. The briefest look at the proposed KS1 Programme of Study seriously makes you wonder whether this man has any understanding of early years education. This is what he is seriously? proposing.
Pupils [...]

EBCs scrapped by humiliated Gove

After just 5 months Gove’s plans for EBC have been shelved in a momentous U-turn which has seen him having to row back on key aspects of his plans to reform GCSE. The one I am really angry about is his feeble caving in on the issue of one board per subject. Fearing falling [...]