October 2012
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New KS3 history curriculum

In the words of an ex-minister for education , Nick Gibb, National Curriculum history at KS3 will be a slimmed-down, but knowledge-driven, to ensure that secondary school pupils are given the cultural literacy that will enable them to participate in society. For once, history has been spared preferential treatment. Apparently the same approach holds [...]

Would we still have had the English Civil War if..?

We all love counterfactual history, from time to time. The National Portrait Gallery’s exhibition of paintings featuring James I’s first son, Henry Frederick (who died of TB in 1618), gives us an opportunity to reflect on what might have been if the succession had passed to him, rather than into the nerveless fingers of Charles [...]

Working with Y3 advisers to Roman emperor Claudius

Great to get backing teaching on Wednesday. With a lively class of 35 Year 3 in Hounslow who took on the Mantle of Expert as advisers to the Emperor Claudius (me as Teacher-in-role), we first looked at Caesar’s efforts and then thought what we could learn from that experience. I then did my best impersonation [...]

Plans for World War One commemoration

Fascinating opportunity for Y9 pupils to consider how THEY think the First World War anniversary ought to be commemorated and then watch plan unfurl as the different pressure groups bring the whole issue of diversity to the fore. Even better of course if pupils plan their own.