February 2012
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Hope you all picked up on this item- another classic example of Gove making it up as he goes along.
English Heritage will receive £2.7m over three years from the Department for Education to use heritage sites to bring history alive in a bid to inspire children to learn about their local area.
As part of the Heritage Schools initiative, it will work with heritage partners to deliver the project, which is all part of the government’s vision for cultural education.
The government money will go on recruiting brokers – including experts in heritage education – to work with clusters of schools and help use local heritage to deliver the curriculum.

Education Secretary Michael Gove will firstly ask English Heritage to create a must-see list of local historical sites, so that schoolchildren can visit them and be inspired by “our rich island story”.

“We have a rich island story, which can be brought to life by seeing our historical and heritage sites,” he said.

Simon Thurley, Chief Executive of English Heritage, added: “Outside every school there is a rich history. In the high street, the housing estate, the park, riverside and field, every town, city and village is full of places in which significant events have taken place.

“We want every child, their parents and teachers to enjoy and take pride in the heritage of their local area and to understand the part it played in the rich story of England.

“Our Heritage Schools initiative will bring history to life both in the classroom and out of it, weaving it into the life of the community and endowing present and future generations of children with a vivid understanding of the place in which they grew up.”

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