February 2012
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Gove plans for more local history

Hope you all picked up on this item- another classic example of Gove making it up as he goes along.
English Heritage will receive £2.7m over three years from the Department for Education to use heritage sites to bring history alive in a bid to inspire children to learn about their local area.
As part of the [...]

Tightening up GCSE history

History teachers across the land are trying to work out the full implications of Gove’s latest announcement that GCSE history needs ‘tightening’ for teaching in September 2013. I’m pretty sue that this is simply Gove’s knee-jerk reaction to the exam board scandal featuring WJEC history examiners. As with the Gg and Eng.Lit examples- 2 subjects [...]

New guidance for primary history leaders

OFSTED has just published new guidance for primary history leaders. Well, actually is just 30 PowerPoint slides with nothing new to tell that hasn’t already been documented in History for All published less than a year ago. Ostensibly a CPD resource it is little more than a few leading questions and points for reflection.
It [...]

OFSTED's new view of satisfactory and what happened to very good?

For those of us who have been conducting OFSTED inspections since 1994, it came as little surprise when Evan Davies of the Today programme on R4 asked the new OFSTED Chief Inspector the killer question about his new plans. When asked if satisfactory is now unsatisfactory, why on earth was it satisfactory before? Instead of [...]