September 2011
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OFSTED's new framework for inspecting history teaching

Yet another version of the OFSTED framework hits the presses this week in time for a January 2012 start. Those of us who began inspecting schools in 1993 just cannot believe how many revisions have been necessary. Why ? has each been so flawed? If so, there must be something wrong in the system.  Unsurprising [...]

School history – just for rich kids?

Is school history becoming the preserve of rich kids?

Tristan Hunt’s recent Observer article (28 August 2011)  made some telling points about the nature of this year’s entry for GCSE history. In Knowsley, near Liverpool, just 16.8% of pupils were entered for history, compared with 45.4% in Richmond upon Thames. In fact, across the UK, he alleges [...]

What's wrong with KS3 history? Time-stupid!

Tristan Hunt is one of the few people to put his finger on the problem of Keystage 3 history. In a recent Observer article, he argued that ‘Key stage 3 of the national curriculum allows for a perfectly decent chronological history of Great Britain. The problem is that teachers aren’t allowed to teach it. In [...]

Publication of EBacc results

You probably already know this, but Gove has decided to publish performance tables that refer to Humanities generally, thereby giving parents absolutely no idea about the health of history in the school. Does he think they won’t be interested?