August 2011
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GCSE history results 2011

I’ve just had a look at the overall GCSE results for this year, compared with last. Fears of the punitive effect the controlled assessment might have had seem ungrounded, but we need to see the paper breakdown to know for sure. With the A*-C running at 70.4% this year and 70.2% last year there seems little difference. Possibly the most interesting point to note is the very slight drop in the percentage of A* and As this year ( 31.5 last year to 30.7% this year) and the widening of the gap in the proportion of girls who get A* 13.8 ( up 0.2) compared with boys 8.8( stays the same).You can see from this that it was the proportion of As that took at hit 19.4% this year compared with 20.3 last year. Not sure if this is what you expected. Only when we see the residuals can we make any meaningful comments, of course. It will be very interesting to see if students who take history GCSE do just as well in history as in their other subjects. Do I mean a level playing field for once? Surely not. I’ll let you know the answer when I see the full set of stats. If you get there first , let me know. Enjoy the test of your holidays. Best wishes,Neil

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