February 2011
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Schama and school history-more insights?

Speaking during a visit to the University of York to mark the tenth anniversary of his landmark 15-part BBC series A History of Britain ,Simon Schama attacked government cuts in the funding of the humanities on Higher Education, before turning his attention to school history.  

You have to make sure you understand the social realities [...]

Schama\'s plans for new 2014 history curriculum-straws in the wind

As you know, Simon Schama has been charged with leading the review of the history curriculum . Never shy of appearing in front to camera, or being interviewed by the press, Schama is repeatedly  dropping hints about what might be in store in his report. Most makes perfectly good sense.

 Who would not want the new Curriculum [...]

National Curriculum history review-expert panel’s terms of reference

Last week the expert panel’s terms of reference were detailed. They are to advise on :

the essential knowledge (e.g. facts, concepts, principles and fundamental operations) that children need to be taught in order to progress and develop their understanding in English, mathematics, science, physical education and any other subjects which it is decided should be [...]

History in the Core

Am I alone in delighting to the sound of Nick Gibb including history ( albeit as part of a humanities entitlement) as part of the Core. Yes, no longer th foundation- at last the core. Gove went on the stress that the Russel Group of leading universities expect a humanities subject to have been studied [...]

Numbers taking GCSE history on Free School Meals

One interesting statistic emerged from Monday’s parliamentary debate on the White paper: only 20 % of pupils on FSM study GCSE history. Only 15 % study geography. Gove’s plan with the new e-Bacc is that pupils from all backgrounds should have acces to academic subjects. It will be interesting to see how much change the already-installed [...]

Mischievous ‘journalists’ misreporting history reformers stance

You may have caught wind of the Daily Express article a few days ago in which there were the usual sideswipes about ‘empathy’ and political correctness. The inaccurate misrepresenting of the views of the Better History group brought this instant rebuke from its chairman Sean Lang:

The Better History Group has argued for history to be [...]

Comparing Rober Peel and Nick Clegg at A level

When is it right for a politician to change their mind? Planning a lesson on Peel yesterday I came upon the excellent Radion 4 programme The Long View which set out to compare Sir Robert Peel with Nick Clegg. Thinking that students would identify with this, I set out to resource the lesson. It starts [...]