January 2011
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The future of primary history

Many of our primary colleagues will be wondering what is going to happend to the primary curriculum now that the Rose review’s proposals are dead in the water. Last week’s announcement from the DFE spells it out.

 Ministers announced last June their decision not to proceed with the new primary curriculum proposed by the previous government, [...]

National Curriculum history Aussie style

We not alone in having problems defining what should be taught in our National Curriculum history course. Opposition to proposals in Australia seem very familiar.

 ”The history curriculum is piecemeal, tangential and oblique. It covers aspects of our society’s history without having to confess what the drafters must regard as an historical embarrassment – that we [...]

Squirming Gove taken to task for imposing his views on next generation

Wonderful 8 minute phone-in in which caller rips Gove apart. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-12171281

New history curriculum -now for 2014. Call for evidence

Please find the time to answer Gove’s Call for evidence.There is a response form in which Gove asks for answers to  just a few questions about history’s place in the curriculum. You can download the form from the DFE website. This is just phase 1 consultation to identify which subjects should form part of the [...]

The new 2014 history curriculum reform starts to sounds of dogs barking up the wrong tree

On Thursday, Gove launched phase 1 of the curriculum review for history . He has set up his four-strong panel who will be guided by an advisory group of headteachers and other educationalists. They have until the Autumn to make their recommendations. Early in 2012 we will then be involved in the public consultation, but for [...]