December 2010
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Niall Ferguson claims that history could hardly be worse taught!

Never a great fan of Niall Ferguson at the best of times, I am now left seething with rage at his latest ill-informed rant on the Today programme. We have, of course, frequently heard criticisms of the fragmentary nature of the existing history curriculum-that it is all Hitler and the Henries. But can we really [...]

New history curriculum for 2013 and a funny story for Christmas!

Although we have heard little in terms of a proposed timetable for the introduction of the Schama/Ferguson/Canndaine-concoted National Curriculum, it would seem from the White Paper and the DfE Business Plan, that the Three Wise Men will take another year or more before producing a draft version  by March 2012. Schama claims to be busily listening to [...]

E-Baccalaureate GCSE history for all but a handful? Be careful what you wish for!

If the new government’s stance on history and Gove’s appointment of Schama has done one thing, it is to throw the spotlight back onto GCSE history. I know we have only just got into our stride with the new GCSE specifications, but would you really wish this examination on all-comers in Year 9, Year 10 [...]

History and the e-Baccalaureate ; latest news

So, its now official what Gove understands by the term ‘humanities’ subjects. He has just published his list of approved GCSE subjects. Here they are:


   GCSE in History

• GCSE in Ancient History

• GCSE in Geography

• Cambridge International Certificate in History

• Cambridge International Certificate in Geography

• CIE legacy iGCSE in History

• CIE legacy iGCSE in Geography

How [...]