November 2010
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News of the death of modules is greatly exaggerated?

Reading the exchanges in the Commons following Gove’s delivery of his White paper speech, Iwas interested to note Gove’s response to Tristram Hunt question about modules, re-sits and grade inflation. This is what Gove said

We are stripping away modules from GCSEs. With A-levels, although I favour in many cases a linear approach that encourages synoptic [...]

History and the E-Baccalaureate: some muddle thinking

For someone who seems superficially bright and clear thinking, Gove’s muddled mind has given birth to a series of problems which sit in wait for history teachers.

Issue 1

A new award, the English baccalaureate, will be introduced for any student who secures good [...]

End of modular exams and new history curriculum for 2014

As we expected, Gove isn’t hanging around. In a surge of activity, the irony of which seems lost on him, he is to de-centralise by saying we cannot any longer have modular examinations and he will outline, from Whitehall, how history should be taught. Expect the new curriculum to be introduced in 2014, just five years [...]

Simon Schama’s plans for new history curriculum

The ( pussy) cat’s out of the bag: Simon Schama’s  view on school history.

For the complete article go to the Guardian site

Here is my quick analysis:

1.       What [...]

History teacher tells all-improve results?, change exam-simple

 Yesterday an anonymous history teacher voiced the view of thousands of you when he spoke to 5 Live’s reporter Adrian Goldberg.

He said: “We have lots of pressures in terms of league tables and Ofsted [the schools' inspector] all pushing us to achieve grades – and if we don’t, you can find yourself losing your job. [...]

Gove’s new plan to let parents know about your qualifications and pay!

Three new measures of pupils’ progress are to be introduced to hold head teachers and ministers to account.New “readiness to progress” measures will be introduced at ages five and 11 to ensure children have the required skills to move on to the next stage of schooling. And a new “basics measure” is to [...]

Who would American schoolchildren have in their list of top 10 Americans

When Sam Wineburg carriked out some research in to how the school history curriculum shapes adults’ preceptions of significance he came up with the following interesting results-not all dead white Anglo-Saxon white Protestant males!

Researchers gave blank paper and pencils to a diverse group of 2,000 high school juniors and seniors in all 50 states and [...]