October 2010
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Germany’s leading diplomats willing participants in the Holocaust.

According to an official report published yesterday, and featured in today’s Guardian , it appears that leading members of Germany’s foreign ministry were deeply involved in the Holocaust. They had denied it for years. Senior officials were actually willing participants in the Nazi campaign rather than representing a focus of opposition to the Third Reich, visiting Dachau [...]

Locked in a prisoin of ignorance about the past-Schama has the key

As you know Simon Schama is the new history tsar. But what has he said so far. Has he merely repeated fatuous nonsense about no-one knowing our island story any longer?  Well, let’s look at a brief verbatim extract.

“A return to coherent gripping history is not a step backwards to dry-as-dust instruction,” he said.

“It represents [...]

Will the passing of compulsory citizenship be the future of history?

We can all say it- I told you so. But those of us who were responsible for introducing/forcing in complusory citizenship at a time when popular history was being squeezed, thought it would never last. Surely someone would see the insanity of it? Surely someone would spot the paradox of asking kids to drop history at 14 [...]

The madness that is A2 history coursework proposals

Just when you think you have seen it all you read that OCR has returned as unacceptable A2 history coursework proposals from students that ACTUALLY APPEAR IN THEIR GUIDANCE. Given the stranglehold that exam boards exert over textbooks, INSET, etc, it really is shameful. It now seems we can’t even believe the advice we pay for!

Gove recruits Schama to put us right

Yesterday Gove carried on with his pantomime insults about history teaching and the need to sort out you history teachers. Well it seems that Niall Ferguson is not enough; you need Schama too. Don’t let the fact that Gove is indecently ignorant of what goes on in history lessons in school get in the way [...]