September 2010
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The price of retakes in A level history

AQA has at last admitted that the re-take culture has undermined the credibility of A levels- what you have known for years! -but so has the remark business. Anthony Seldon pointed out in today’s Times article that at Wellington College students applied for nearly 600 remarks, providing a bonus of about £25 a paper to [...]

Great new 20th century archive resource

The Times has just published a fantastic new resource-coverage of famous 20th century events in the format of today’s newspaper. You canb view all the topics covered at

When you click on the topic it takes you to the facsimile of the orginal page. Enjoy it while it lasts!

The end of history SEFs for OFSTED

Even if you have never had to complete a departmental SEF , you will know how much time senior leaders have to spend on them. No longer. Michael Gove has asked OFSTED to scrap them in a further attempt to reduce bureaucracy. You might also be interested to know that he has simplified the main [...]

Exam boards ‘almost corrupt?’

Having long been of the view that we should not have badged textbooks and examinres running training courses on how to pass the exams they set, I was amused to see the furore surrounding mick Walters latest statements in which he, too, thinks there is something rotten in the state of our examination system. He [...]

The world’s worst history textbook

You might find the follow article interesting from those good people at casa historia

Gove’s plans for primary and secondary history October 2010

Well, we’re beginning to see the colour of Gove’s plans for primary history and we know that he is committed to yet another MAJOR REVIEW in October-so, just weeks away now. The first casualty is likely to be primary French, which will almost certainly not be made compulsory from 2011, as was planned. Some of [...]

Gove gives strong backing for 14-16 history?

I’m not sure how many of you caught Michael Gove’s speech at the Westminster Academy on 6 September but it had a certain irony. On the day he issued his strongest endorsement of 14-16 history I’ve yet heard,(post-election), it just happened to be at an Academy where , according to the most recent HS Survey [...]

Time for a single exam board?

Having read yet another post on a forum in which teachers share stories of inexplicable results and comapring wxperiences between boards, is it not now time to have just one exam board? Not only would loads of money be saved trying to gain spurious consistency, but think of how the quality of papers, and marking [...]

A2, AS and GCSE history: hard but popular?

This summer’s exam results make interesting reading. Did you know that:

1. The numbers taking GCSE history rose last year. 221,000 students sat the exam. Nearly a quarter of a million students can’t be wrong-at a time when the competition is so fierce.

2. A Level numbers also rose, making history the 5th most popular A level subject [...]