July 2010
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Dates matter

It was interesting to read of Cameron’s blunder yesterday. Apparently, according to his reading of history in 1940 we were a junior partner to in the war to defeat Germany. Apparently, when you and I both thought that Britain was standing alone, Cameron claims that we were being helped by the USA, the senior partner. All this [...]

Iraq war enquiry

In what seems to be one of the most revealing of testimonies before the Chilcot enquiry, the head of MI5 spells out her fascinating insights into the war. Manningham-Buller has said before that the Iraq war increased the terrorism threat to the UK, but she has now just made the case more powefully than ever.

“Arguably [...]

Niall Ferguson\'s plans for new History curriculum

As you know Ferguson has been hard at work …upsetting history teachers. Apparently, for all those who missed this!, we need to use TV and war games more in order to make history exciting and ( you’d never believe this one…..fun). Hold the front page! Wait. There’s more to come. [...]

Fate of AS history

The education secretary, said he wanted to see A-levels become more academically rigorous and to scrap AS levels. Universities apparently fear that the current “bite-sized” system in which courses are broken up into units with their own exams fails to prepare students for the demands of a degree.

Gove will invite universities to design new A-levels, [...]

OFSTED judgements on outstanding lessons

Just thought you might like to know where we stand WITH OFSTED’s judgements using the new Framework, two terms on. The latest data tells us:

“that of 3,990 school inspections carried out from September to March 2010, the proportion of schools judged to be outstanding was 11%. This is a slight increase on the autumn term. Forty-two [...]

APP and Key Stage 3 history assessment- the fog clears?

As you will all probably know, the DFE announced at the end of June that the Level Descriptions we should be using  for the first time next summer ( for Y9) and this summer ( for Y8) are, after all , what we have been planning for. The stupid rumour that we were to use [...]