June 2010
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Primary history : news of death greatly exaggerated

You will know that the new coalition government has scrapped the Rose review’s plans for the new primary curriculum. It is interesting to note thyat fears about history teaching in primary schools were partly responsible for this. Read what Nick Gibb  had to say last week:

A move away from teaching traditional subjects like history and [...]

Bloody Sunday enquiry: KS3 thematic history

We can all see the potential of using the recently-published Saville enquiry in our study of Ireland as a relevant contemporary topic. Many of you do this superbly with your SHP Modern World Study, or as an enquiry at the end of KS3. But have you thought how you could weave this topical reference into a [...]

The new government’s history curriculum leaked!


If you’d like a little light relief from the worries of the impending doom Gove’s history curriculum, you might like to look at this site. A Cambridge student has come up with a spoof leak of Niall Ferguson’s plans for the history curriculum. He envisages [...]

Bloody Sunday enquiry findings made public on Tuesday

Well, we’ve had to wait 12 years for it, and many think that Blair was misguided to have ordered it. Now it looks as if the findings will incriminate a number of soldiers. The report has been described as a greande with the pin removed waiting to be tossed into the politicans’ laps. Those of [...]

Humanities Diploma halted

Yesterday the new government announced that the development of new diplomas in HUMANITIES which were due to be introduced from September 2011 WILL STOP IMMEDIATELY. Ministers said that it was not the role of Government to force the development of new Diplomas in the humanities. Stpooping pahse 4 or academic Diplomas will help refcous efforts [...]

History in the new primary curriculum

Yesterday the new government officially announced that it does not intend to proceed with the new primary curriculum. Minister claim that they are committed to giving schools more freedom from unnecessary prescription . The Government intends to return the National Curriculum to its intended purpose-a minimum national entitlement ORGANISED AROUND SUBJECT DISCIPLINES and will shortly [...]

History at the Hay festival

You’ve probably heard by now that Michael Gove has enthusiastically endorsed the appointment of Niall Ferguson to write the history curriculum. Would you like to hear that again?! I don’t think so. In many ways it isn’t surprising that a right-wing imperialist should have been chosen, much to Schama’s chagrin, to do Gove’ bidding. Having worked [...]