February 2010
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New primary history curriculum

Well, we now know what we will be teaching in terms of history after 2011. I am not sure it makes pretty reading. What Rose has served up lacks coherence and a proper framework for developing worthwhile historical understanding. By removing prescription he has taken away the whole design of the history curriculum. What we are left with is random bits and pieces, many of which I simply would not want to teach either thematically or as a separate subject. QCDA is going to have to work very hard to make the new history curriculum interesting. Their ealier Schemes of Work, now over a decade old, were not noted for their creativity.

So just how are primary schools going to teach ” the effects of economic, technological and scientific developments in the UK over time”. Having worked that one out, you’ll never guess what comes next ! Pupils have to be taught to understand the broad chronology of major events in the UK, and some key events in the wider world, from ancient civilizations to the present day, and to locater within this the periods, events and changes they have studied”. A curriculum for the 21st century? Looks more like the 19th!

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